Psalm 23 Yahweh our Shepherd Song


+ Yahweh Our Shepherd Song +

Psalm 23

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Yahweh is our Shepherd; in Christ, we have all we will ever need (Psalm 23:1). The King of Glory is our Loving Shepherd; he carries us close to his heart and faithfully leads us in our weakness (Isaiah 40:11). Jesus Christ is our Good Shepherd; he lays down his life for each of us, and we listen to and recognize his Holy Spirit’s voice (John 10:14-16).

He is our Great Shepherd; he equips us with his Word and empowers us with his Spirit to faithfully fulfill his will and bring him greater glory (Hebrews 13:20-21). Our Man of Sorrows Messiah is our Soul Overseer; he bought us out of the Dragon’s Slave Market and delivered us by his blood into a Righteous Inheritance (1 Peter 2:24-25).

The master icon illustrates this song’s story about our Father, Son, and Spirit shepherding us through many trials and suffering. Our Messiah King holding the rod and staff is Yahweh our Shepherd protecting us in green pastures under shade trees beside quiet waters as we enter into and receive his rest. Our Giving Guide is pouring out a rainbow anointing of blessing, favor, and spiritual gifts upon the disciple kneeling. He is overwhelmed at receiving these blessings.

The sojourner traveling down the path with the Holy Spirit resting upon him is journeying boldly into the Dragon’s Death Shadow valley illustrating the confidence we have to face suffering, persecution, and even a martyr’s death, because we trust in our Shepherd Father. A disciple is eating and drinking with Jesus at a banquet table in the presence of his enemies guarded by angels illustrating the delight of our Savior when his adopted brothers and sisters abide in him, the Fruitful Vine, Bread of Life, Fresh Wineskins, and New Wine.

A peace dove sails over Zion city with an open gate illustrating the joy and gladness every follower of Jesus will have in the Next Age, in the Holy City that will descend from heaven to earth after Judgement Day when the Ancient of Days recreates the heavens and the earth. We will be with our Wonderful Shepherd and Prince of Peace face-to-face forever!

Yahweh Our Shepherd song sketches >

Sketch #1: Crown, rod, & staff > This sketch is the story logo. Please let me sing you a wonderful song about the Maker of heaven and earth. Yahweh is our Good Shepherd.

Sketch #2: Refreshed disciple > This sketch illustrates the first part of the song where Yahweh heals and cares for our lives as we enter into and enjoy his peaceful rest.

Sketch #3: Valley & flames > This sketch illustrates the second part of the song where Immanuel is with us as we journey through suffering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sketch #4: Overflowing fountain > This sketch illustrates the third part of the song where Yahweh anoints us with favor, and we commune with him forever in Heaven.

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