2017 life way vbs stories video

2017 lifeway vbs stories video

Watch video > Click here

Every year, LifeWay launches an amazing children’s discipleship summer program called “Vacation Bible School” or “VBS.”

This year’s program is called, “Galactic Starveyors.” They have picked 5 Bible stories, one for each day, to teach children about the kingdom of God.

Our team was asked to create simple storyteller sketches as a companion resource to LifeWay’s curriculum.

We hope this resource will be a blessing to you and your team.

5 Stories in 5 Days >

  • Day 1: Our Relationship Begins (Genesis 1)
  • Day 2: Our Relationship Broken (Genesis 3)
  • Day 3: Our Restoration Promised (Matthew 1)
  • Day 4: Our Relationship Restored (Mark 15-16)
  • Day 5: Our Relationship Continues (John 21)

Discipleship Pattern >

  1. Step One: Ask the children what they want to pray about and pray together.
  2. Step Two: Hand out paper and pencils/pens.
  3. Step Three: Practice drawing the story sketches together.
  4. Step Four: Practice telling the story as you point to each sketch.
  5. Step Five: Flip the paper over and draw stick figures of each child’s family and friends. Ask the Holy Spirit for faith and courage to share the story with others.

For more information, check out LifeWay’s VBS website: vbs.lifeway.com

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