2017 life way vbs stories video

2017 lifeway vbs stories video

Watch video > Click here

Every year, LifeWay launches an amazing children’s discipleship summer program called “Vacation Bible School” or “VBS.”

This year’s program is called, “Galactic Starveyors.” They have picked 5 Bible stories, one for each day, to teach children about the kingdom of God.

Our team was asked to create simple storyteller sketches as a companion resource to LifeWay’s curriculum.

We hope this resource will be a blessing to you and your team.

5 Stories in 5 Days >

  • Day 1: Our Relationship Begins (Genesis 1)
  • Day 2: Our Relationship Broken (Genesis 3)
  • Day 3: Our Restoration Promised (Matthew 1)
  • Day 4: Our Relationship Restored (Mark 15-16)
  • Day 5: Our Relationship Continues (John 21)

Discipleship Pattern >

  1. Step One: Ask the children what they want to pray about and pray together.
  2. Step Two: Hand out paper and pencils/pens.
  3. Step Three: Practice drawing the story sketches together.
  4. Step Four: Practice telling the story as you point to each sketch.
  5. Step Five: Flip the paper over and draw stick figures of each child’s family and friends. Ask the Holy Spirit for faith and courage┬áto share the story with others.

For more information, check out LifeWay’s VBS website: vbs.lifeway.com

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