2017 LifeWay VBS Training

2017 vbs master

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Discipleship Set Overview >

Every year, LifeWay launches an amazing children’s discipleship summer program called “Vacation Bible School” or “VBS.”

This year’s program is called, “Galactic Starveyors.” They have picked 5 Bible stories, one for each day, to teach children about the kingdom of God.

Our team was asked to create simple storyteller sketches as a companion resource to LifeWay’s curriculum.

We hope this resource will be a blessing to you and your team.

5 Stories in 5 Days >

  • Day 1: Our Relationship Begins (Genesis 1)
  • Day 2: Our Relationship Broken (Genesis 3)
  • Day 3: Our Restoration Promised (Matthew 1)
  • Day 4: Our Relationship Restored (Mark 15-16)
  • Day 5: Our Relationship Continues (John 21)

day 1

Sketch #1: crown & stars – This sketch illustrates Yahweh, the Creator of heaven and earth, breathing out all the stars and creating light to shine in the darkness.

Sketch #2: mountain, ocean, fish, & birds – This sketch illustrates God creating the land, sea, fish, and birds.

Sketch #3: fruitful tree & beast – This sketch illustrates God creating all fruit-bearing trees and animals.

Sketch #4: God, Adam, & Eve – This sketch illustrates God creating man and woman in his image, giving them names, and walking with them every day as family and friends.

day 2

Sketch #1: serpent & tree – This sketch illustrates Satan visiting Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden and tempting them to eat fruit from the Tree of Good & Evil.

Sketch #2: eaten fruit – This sketch illustrates Adam & Eve deciding to listen to Satan and eat the fruit. They both sinned, discovered they were naked, and hid in shame.

Sketch #3: broken relationship – This sketch illustrates Adam & Eve accusing one another, and Yahweh cursing the serpent, mankind, and the earth as punishment.

Sketch #4: knife & animal – This sketch illustrates God casting his children out of the garden. Yahweh covered Adam & Eve by shedding animal blood to make clothing.

day 3

Sketch #1: Holy Spirit & virgin – This sketch illustrates the Isaiah 7:14 prophecy that a virgin will give birth to a child named “Immanuel,” meaning “God with us.”

Sketch #2: angel – This sketch illustrates the Lord’s angel that visited both Joseph and Mary to give them a message that Mary would give birth to Yahweh’s Messiah Jesus.

Sketch #3: broken chains – This sketch illustrates what Jesus’ name means: he saved mankind from their sins by breaking the chains of Satan’s bondage and setting us free.

Sketch #4: crown & manger – This sketch illustrates this family’s faith and obedience. Joseph cared for Mary, she gave birth to the Son of God, and they named him Jesus.

day 4

Sketch #1: three crosses – This sketch illustrates Jesus condemned and crucified on a cross between two thieves. Many people were there to mock him and watch him die.

Sketch #2: Jesus speaking – This sketch illustrates Jesus on the cross saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” and crying out loudly with his last breath.

Sketch #3: torn temple curtain – This sketch illustrates Yahweh tearing the Jerusalem temple curtain from top to bottom confirming Jesus’ perfect sacrifice for all sin.

Sketch #4: open tomb – This sketch illustrates the three women visiting Jesus’ burial tomb on the third morning to find an angel who said Jesus had risen from the dead!

day 5

Sketch #1: fishing boat & water – This sketch illustrates Jesus visiting his disciples on the Galilee Sea shore. The disciples were out on the sea fishing all night.

Sketch #2: net & fish – This sketch illustrates Jesus directing the disciples where to cast their nets to find the fish. They obeyed and caught many fish.

Sketch #3: risen Christ – This sketch illustrates Peter realizing the man on the shore was Jesus. They returned to Jesus and shared a meal of fish and bread together.

Sketch #4: heart, rod, & staff – This sketch illustrates Jesus forgiving Peter for denying him, restoring their friendship, and teaching him to shepherd his people with love.

A Step by Step Process for Storytelling

  • Step One: Tell the story
  • Step Two: Draw the sketches
  • Step Three: Practice telling the story as you point to each sketch
  • Step Four: Ask discovery questions like, “What do we learn about God?” and, “What do we learn about people?”
  • Step Five: Ask the students with whom they would like to share the story.
  • Step Six: Pray together for faith to believe the story and boldness to share the story with anyone who hasn’t yet heard.
  • Step Seven: At the next gathering, ask the students to share testimonies of whom they shared the story with and what happened.

Let’s keep making disciples among all nations until there’s No Place Left and Jesus returns!

2017 lifeway vbs stories video

2017 vbs orality

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