Luke 19 – Make Healthy Disciples

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Healthy Disciples Training

Luke 19

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Overview: How do we maintain healthy disciples in our families and churches? Yahweh has revealed this simple, reproducing discipleship pattern so that we will know how to be and make disciples of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in every nation. This pattern balances the Great Commands (love God & love everyone) and the Great Commission.

Zacchaeus’ Story: Jesus modeled this “Rest, Receive, Release” pattern for healthy discipleship in Zacchaeus’ life. In Luke 19, Jesus visits Zacchaeus’ village and invites himself over for a meal at his house. First, Jesus and Zacchaeus rest together in the Father’s heart around a fellowship meal. Next, Zacchaeus receives truth about the kingdom of heaven from Jesus.

Zacchaeus is now filled up to overflowing with joy, faith, hope, and love. Now, he releases his plan to make disciples through reconciliation and generosity. Let us follow this same pattern to make healthy disciples.

Rest (fire) – When we gather together around Jesus Christ, our greatest need is to rest in our Father’s heart, to sing and pray, to share our struggles and receive healing and encouragement. Entering our Father’s rest together opens the door to receiving truth.

Receive (cloud & rainbow) – Next, we receive the Son: Yahweh’s Word. We discuss the Bible together; receiving the Words of Truth, growing into spiritual maturity, and strengthening our faith for spiritual warfare. Receiving truth leads to releasing gifts.

Release (waves) – When we have practiced our love for God first and then received truth for how to love one another and all nations, we are refreshed and restored for ministry. Now, we discuss our family, friends, neighbors, and the unreached people here and around the world discerning by the Holy Spirit how to release spiritual gifts.


Rest – Yahweh is our Shepherd, and he guides us into his sabbath rest, so that we will be refreshed and set onto paths of righteousness. (Psalm 23:1-3)

Receive – Jesus is Yahweh’s Word and Wisdom; all we will ever need to know God, obey his commands, and reach all nations is in the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Release – The Holy Spirit is our Counselor; guiding us how to walk in Jesus’ authority and teach the nations to become healthy, fruitful disciples. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Let’s keep making disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left.

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