John 15 – Remain In Me Story

remain in me master

The sign that sin began to poison the world of mankind was Adam and Eve hiding from God, because they were ashamed of disobeying his commands. (Genesis 3:8) Before sin, there was no shame, pain, or death. God and his children lived in peaceful community. (Genesis 2:25) We are sovereignly designed for relationship with our Maker; to remain planted in him and steadfast in our love for and fellowship with him. (Psalm 1:2-3)

The master art illustrates Jesus’ teaching on how the kingdom of God is like a healthy, fruitful vineyard. The vineyard keeper is the Father who cultivates the vine. The underground river is the Holy Spirit as living water. The vine (Jesus) draws living water up through himself and releases the water through branches (disciples) to produce abundant fruit (disciples making disciples).

The Father prunes the vine, cutting off branches that will not receive the water. Angels carry these dead branches away from the fruitful vineyard. The dragon stands victorious over this pile of burning branches, because his inheritance is everyone who rejects Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The wedding feast inside the home illustrates a family choosing to remain in Jesus and enjoying communion with the Father and Son.

Jesus crucified upon the cross with the Holy Spirit (dove & fire) resting upon him illustrates Jesus’ teaching on the greatest gift of all: laying down our lives for one another. Jesus gave up his life as the perfect blood sacrifice to rescue us. The vibrant rainbow surrounding Jesus illustrates the Father’s covenant promise to deliver his rebellious children out of death and call us his beloved sons and daughters.

The tree in the middle is half dead and half fruitful illustrating the gospel. We are each given one of two options: reject God and join Satan forever in his kingdom of despair in hell, or remain in Jesus and live joyfully forever in his presence.

Remain In Me Story Sketches

Sketch #1: Vineyard keeper & vine – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates Father Yahweh as our caregiver and Jesus as the living water bridge to a fruitful life.

Sketch #2: Vine, branches, & fruit – This sketch illustrates Jesus as our Master and Source of Life. The fruitful branch is a disciple who remains in Jesus and obeys him.

Sketch #3: Burning branches – This sketch illustrates the Father cutting off branches unreceptive to living water. They burn up and are blown away, because they are dead.

Sketch #4: Crucified Christ – This sketch illustrates the love of Jesus for us: he gave his life as a sign of perfect love, and he invites his disciples to lay down their lives as well.

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Let’s keep making disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left!

remain in me sketches

remain in me art

remain in me coloring

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