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Vineyard (vinekeeper & vine) >> Jesus’ church is like a fruitful vineyard. Our Father is the vinekeeper, Jesus is the vine, the Holy Spirit is the living water, and we are the branches. (John 15:1-2) >> Healthy vineyards are a blessing. (Psalm 107:37-38)

Living Water (vine, branches, fruit) >> Vineyard branches die when they dry up; the living water flows through the branches to produce fruit. Jesus has designed his disciples to remain in him, so that he will produce a harvest through us. (John 15:4-5)

Kingdom Heart (heart & crown) >> Jesus gives us a heart for his kingdom and glory. Faithful communion with our king aligns our hearts and desires with his, so that our obedience to his commands flow from our worship and faith. (John 15:7-9)

Pruning Process (branches & fire) >> Our Father prunes his children. He loves us enough to cut off every unfruitful part of our lives to prepare for a greater harvest. (John 15:6) >> We aim to remain in Christ above all else as his disciples. (Matthew 7:21-23)

Perfect Joy (well & fountain) >> Jesus is our peace, because through him, we experience peace and unity with our Creator Father; therefore, joy overflows like a fountain of living water out of this eternal well of Christ’s peace and love. (John 15:11)

Pure Love (Messiah crucified) >> Jesus demonstrated the perfect love of Yahweh’s kingdom by laying down his life as payment for mankind’s sin debt. Jesus calls his disciples “friends,” because we participate in our Master’s mission. (John 15:14-15)

Enduring Fruit (fruit bowl) >> Jesus sovereignly chooses each of his disciples and commissions us to live fruitful lives. The fruits of this earth spoil, but the spiritual fruit and gifts of Jesus’ kingdom never die; his fruit endures forever. (John 15:16-17)

Activity > Drink coffee or tea and discuss this story together. Remember to pray.

  • What is the Holy Spirit saying to the churches?
  • What is one next step of faith I need to take in my own life?
  • Whom can I reach with this story in the next week?

Let’s keep making disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left!

remain in me leadership sketches

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