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“There are an estimated 5.7 billion people on earth who are oral learners. The term “oral learners” refers to people and cultures with limited literacy skills. Most oral cultures communicate with one another and retain information through stories and discussion.” – International Orality Network (ION, http://orality.net)

“A highly effective way to reach oral cultures is by telling the stories of the Bible. Since storytelling is highly relational and social, Bible stories can spread rapidly within a people group. Many missionaries have proven that Bible storying is effective for evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and even leadership training.” – Finishing the Task (FTT, http://finishingthetask.com)

“Stories live in your blood and bones, follow the seasons, and light candles on the darkest night.” – Patti Davis

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Our vision is to equip all Jesus followers to reach every tribe on earth with stories of hope about our Messiah by removing the barrier of language translation.

We are designing a Bible storybook for making disciples of people who cannot read.

Each master icon illustrates the Bible story’s main idea and fuels the imagination.

The sketches are designed to train disciples to remember and tell each story to their family and friends.

Keep making disciples among all nations until there is No Place Left.

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